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Tracey Mitchell

Speaker • Published Author of Downside Up • TV Host of Life From DFW • CEO of 'The Winning Woman' Consulting Group • Lover of Life, Christ & Hurting People

The Journey

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Flip Flops & Stilletos

As a conference speaker, coach, teacher and author, I have the extraordinary pleasure of engaging with women from around the world. I pay attention to what makes women tick. I look just as closely at the woman whose six-inch stilettos click crisply across the floor as I do the sister who flip-flops her way down the center aisle. One carries a tan designer bag, the other a thin vinyl backpack. One sports short manicured nails, the other chipped blue polish. Different worlds? Probably. Same heart-breaking issues? Definitely.

            I have spent countless hours listening to women share their private stories of grief. My heart breaks for the twenty-five-year-old who tearfully describes how her ever-after love story ended just shy of three months. My pulse skips a beat when I hear the deeper sordid tales of unexpected betrayal, gut-wrenching heartache and needless controversy. I go numb when I see the fallout of unfulfilled promises, reputations smeared and innocent victims needlessly dragged through the cesspool of life. Although each woman’s story is unique to her set of circumstances, one common thread remains the same. Her heart longs to understand, “How do I find courage to rise above what threatens to wear me down?”

            Let’s be honest. No one plans on her fairy-tale turning into a nightmare, but it happens. Detours intersect our path to happiness. Discrimination exists. Inequality is real. Cancer. Divorce. Unfaithfulness. They all happen. We discover life isn’t as carefree as we imagined. The world isn’t as safe as we thought. We try to make wise decisions and keep an optimistic outlook but there are those sucker punch moments, when our lives are irreversibly altered. Sometimes they are a result of another person’s dysfunction and occasionally they are the repercussions of our actions.

            How we react when the world throws a dagger at our back determines whether we become victims or pick up our swords, fight for our joy, peace, families and future and become survivors who thrive.

Life From DFW

LIFE from DFW is an engaging multi-media program designed to showcase the best of the human spirit.

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