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Tracey Mitchell

Speaker • Published Author of Downside Up • TV Host of Life From DFW • CEO of 'The Winning Woman' Consulting Group • Lover of Life, Christ & Hurting People

The Journey

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A Thread of Hope

While praying for a lady at a women's conference I noticed a tattoo on her arm and asked about its meaning. With tear filled eyes she whispered, "This is God's personal promise to me. During the depth of my addiction these words brought hope and freedom. Inked in my handwriting, I designed it to cover the scars of where I once cut myself. Now the trace marks of destruction have been replaced by promises of fatherly acceptance.

Engraved in a loopy script was Ps. 138:8 “The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me! Lord, your love is eternal. Do not abandon the work of your hands.”

Today, if you are finding it difficult to let go of past mistakes begin to agree with God’s promises for your life. He is a compassionate father who longs to move you into a place of victory and blessing.

Life From DFW

LIFE from DFW is an engaging multi-media program designed to showcase the best of the human spirit.

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Hosts Robby and Tracey Mitchell interview athletes, pop cultures voices and spiritual leaders whose discussions will challenge your perspective and enrich your soul.

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