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Tracey Mitchell

Speaker • Published Author of Downside Up • TV Host of Life From DFW • CEO of 'The Winning Woman' Consulting Group • Lover of Life, Christ & Hurting People

The Journey

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Securely Planted

The other morning, on my three-mile run, I stopped to look at a beautiful pear tree. I had deep appreciation for its beauty because I was looking at it in its fruitful season. I thought, how effortless it must be to simply do the one thing you were created to do. After all, the only thing required of the pear tree was to remain planted and bear fruit.

Then I began to imagine what it was like the day the pear seed was planted in the ground. How no one took time to explain to the seed, “Hey, I know you feel like you are being buried alive but in reality you are being planted for a purpose greater than yourself.”

In the same way, God will often plant us in situations that appear dark and without reward. It’s during those times we must surrender and say, “Father, I submit to your purpose. I yield to your will. Make my life fruitful because I trust your plan.

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LIFE from DFW is an engaging multi-media program designed to showcase the best of the human spirit.

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