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Tracey Mitchell

Speaker • Published Author of Downside Up • TV Host of Life From DFW • CEO of 'The Winning Woman' Consulting Group • Lover of Life, Christ & Hurting People

The Journey

Words of Life

What words have you confessed over your life today? Are they words God would speak over you? Every word is a seed. God has given us a mind to envision our future and words to bring those thoughts into fruition. To think one way and speak another is ... Read Post

Flip Flops & Stilletos

As a conference speaker, coach, teacher and author, I have the extraordinary pleasure of engaging with women from around the world. I pay attention to what makes women tick. I look just as closely at the woman whose six-inch stilettos click crisply ... Read Post

Unlock Someone's Pain

I arrived at the bakery a few minutes early to see if Beth had grabbed us a table. My eyes bounced around the restaurant. No sign of Beth. Then I heard a soft, familiar voice say, ‘I’m right here.’ The voice and smile belonged to ... Read Post

A Thread of Hope

While praying for a lady at a women's conference I noticed a tattoo on her arm and asked about its meaning. With tear filled eyes she whispered, "This is God's personal promise to me. During the depth of my addiction these words brought ... Read Post

Securely Planted

The other morning, on my three-mile run, I stopped to look at a beautiful pear tree. I had deep appreciation for its beauty because I was looking at it in its fruitful season. I thought, how effortless it must be to simply do the one thing you were ... Read Post

Life From DFW

LIFE from DFW is an engaging multi-media program designed to showcase the best of the human spirit.

Inspiring and uplifting guests compel viewers to live life to the maximum. Through relatable and honest conversation each story will touch and challenge you to enjoy healthy relationships, explore inner healing and achieve personal dreams.

Hosts Robby and Tracey Mitchell interview athletes, pop cultures voices and spiritual leaders whose discussions will challenge your perspective and enrich your soul.

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